Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Utterly Improbable - Simply Tragic

This incident blows my mind. (go read & come back, I'll wait)

The girl's death was fairly improbable to begin with but it would have been impossible if he had followed 4 simple rules.  Also, what part of gun cleaning requires firing off a round?  Have I been missing an important step all these years or is that only a step for muzzle loaders?  Even if he was just plinking, how is 'up' ever a good direction to shoot?  So many questions, so few good answers.

While I'm with Weer'd on the 'gun death' metric, this is probably one of the few legitimate additions.  Mind you, it wouldn't be any less horrible if she & the buggy were smashed to kindling by an inattentive motorist; this just seems like a more honest entry than a thug getting shot over crack, ya know?  One minute the kid's driving home from a Christmas party, next thing she's dead due to someone's inability to grasp "know your target and what's beyond it" or "what goes up, must come down and remember, trajectory arcs are a bitch".  What a shame.

Now here's the kicker for the antis: not one proposed gun law would've prevented this since it was a muzzle loader.   There are no magazines, shoulder thingys that go up, high capacity anythings, etc.  A law wouldn't have prevented this from happening, only the use of the gray matter between the shooter's ears.  Remember folks, follow the four rules - they are not like guidelines.

*Did anyone else catch that the horse must have continued going home since they followed a blood trail for close to 1/2 a mile?*