Saturday, January 21, 2012

Praise Long Over Due

Back story:  In October, my wonderful other-half shipped out to Parris Island for 13 fun-filled weeks.  Before he left, he hid notes and surprises all around the house since he knew communication would be next to nil (yep, he's a keeper!).  In one of those notes I found out I had free rein on a holster from Dragon Leather Works *Squee!*  Which gave me an idea for him for Christmas, another holster  :-)  So I called up Dennis in November to see what we could come up with.  I had some really awesome ideas; unfortunately, I'm very good at asking for impossible things.  While he tried to make them happen, silly things, like copyrights held by the US government, stood in the way.  So I gave Dennis free rein instead - sounds like a good idea, no?
Fast forward to January 7th (also known and second Christmas) and Heath & I squeed liked little girls over these:
His & Hers matching holsters with hair-on accent!  Dennis, you truly out did yourself this time, I really can't thank you enough.  I love the feel of the flatjack, it's like carrying air and it melts right into your outline.  Even that plastic brick manages to stay concealed and feel unobtrusive (I tried Heath's on for kicks and giggles).  Still, I don't think mine's going to be covered over much, it's too pretty not to OC! 
*Note to anyone who cares: the holsters were bought & paid for.  Kiss my knickers.  


breda said...

oooh, gorgeous. And the grips on your pistol, OMG.

Old NFO said...

Those are nice! And Dennis came through again, glad to see it, and tell Heath we're proud of him!

Chasing Freedom said...

Dennis always comes through :-) I'll tell him, as soon as I get to talk to him :-(

Bubblehead Les. said...