Saturday, June 11, 2011


 Well, tried the side saddle on Freedom. Unfortunately, it looks like this:

The seam should be a straight line just behind the shoulder blade and it should set level across the back (the red lines are correct).  Meaning... it's too narrow over the withers.  Fortunately, I think the tree gullet is wide enough, it's just that the lady who sold it "Bubba'd" the hell out of the flocking (padding) and a few other things.  Just like an old rifle, someone took this antique saddle and 'fixed' it to suit their purpose without any regard to how it should have been repaired (I even found duct tape!).  She said that the professional she took it to wanted $500.00 to repair it so she let her friend, "Bear" do it. *facepalm* Looks like it'll be going to the saddlery for the love & repair it should have gotten to begin with.  Luckily, it fits me like a glove - so a little reworking and TLC should see me riding aside.


Anonymous said...

That saddle is placed way too forward. Side-saddles are "center-fire" style with the cinch being a belly band instead of 3/4 or 7/8 style. Your knee should be at the same position as if it was wrapped around a western "horn" directly over his withers and the front of the tree should be three finger widths behind his shoulder so the shoulder can move freely.
Hope this helps.

Chasing Freedom said...

I'll agree that it's set a little too forward - I normally ride dressage so I placed it in a similar location. However, I think the picture's misleading as there's about 2 fingers' width between the end of his shoulder blade and the beginning of the tree proper - that's a helluva flap. I'll be doing a lot of reading while it's (hopefully) being un-bubba'd. I'll be able to drop it off at my saddlery in a few weeks and he'll give me a yea or nay on fit and function. Thanks for the tips - my second attempt should turn out better.