Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NC Blogshoot II

Well, we had quite a turn out this year for the NC Blogshoot!  Thank you, everyone, who came and shared your toys, stories and food.  Heath and I enjoyed hosting, y'all were great company and we're looking forward to doing it again next year.  Hell, we have to do it again, I still have Tannerite!

Speaking of which... Many thanks to Dan over at Tannerite; without his services we wouldn't have had any exploding goodness for the weekend.  I called him up on Tuesday to see if we could get a couple cases of targets by the weekend.  With a few phone calls / e-mails they were shipped that afternoon and at my door Wednesday night.  No hassle, no outrageous charges - just excellent customer service.  If you enjoyed the reactive targets at the shoot, drop by his site and let him know! 

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did this weekend.  Getting to try out everybody's toys (Thanks Old NFO, Mad St. Jack, ThotPolice, Sean & apologies if I missed someone) was a blast and reminded me that I haven't been shooting near enough this summer.  Nothing like decimating water jugs, stuffed animals, computer components and a car to make a weekend feel worth while!

All the food was terrific; I over stuffed myself trying to taste it all.  Newbius's pizzas were delectable, I mourn the return of my fridge space :-(   Breda's chicken & her mom's stuffed cabbage made it impossible to not go back for seconds (who am I kidding - thirds!).

So, it looks like everyone else remembered to shoot their cameras as well as their guns; I, however, forgot.  So, I'll have to leave the photographic evidence of the merry-making to everyone who came.  Again, thank you for the absolutely enjoyable weekend, I hope to see you all again next year.

And for all of you who loved on our dogs... they miss you and have made their displeasure regarding the decrease in belly rubs and head pats known!

*Note for anyone who concerned about the review:  I paid for the gorram Tannerite - so bugger off.*


Alan said...

Thanks for having us! I had a great time.

Mike W. said...

Thanks for opening your home to all of us! It was great fun!

The dogs were adorable and very well behaved I thought.

Newbius said...

Thank you SO MUCH for allowing us into your home. You and your fine husband are wonderful hosts and put up with our mess with aplomb. Stay in touch.

Old NFO said...

Thanks! Y'all were fantastic hosts... :-)