Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughts from a weekend in California

1.) Crying on the phone will get you a better discount
2.) It's advantageous to have flexible travel arrangements when flying US Airways; they tend to overbook flights and give out $400+ vouchers if you can wait for the next plane.
3.) Californians don't believe in posting speed limits in a logical manner and are firmly against them being visible at night.
4.) Yes, a four lane highway *can* dead-end into a military base, stop looking for the turn off

5.) Joshua Tree National Park is worth visiting if you're in the Palm Springs area.  It's nice for a day trip but also has enough variety to explore over several days. 
6.) Being disarmed sucks.  I missed my gun almost as much as my dogs. (Is that healthy?)
7.) I could use recommendations for good food in the Twentynine Palms / Yucca Valley / Palm Springs area(s).  We like eating local (ie, not Applebee's) but kept finding duds all weekend. 

Overall, I had a unexpectedly wonderful weekend and should have some pictures up soon :-)


Greg said...

The area you talking about is about 60 miles to the East from where I am. When I pass through, it is either IN-N-OUT for a burger or the casino for the all you can eat buffet. Of course, neither of which is really eating "local."

Old NFO said...

Gotta agree with Greg, there is not a lot in 29 Stumps... And Palm Springs can get EXPENSIVE!!! Having said that, I like the Chop House or Mortons (the chain) for Steak!

Bubblehead Les. said...

You know you have to go through Decontamination when you come back to Buckeye Land. You might be carrying the Kalifornia Dumbass Disease. You know, it's the one that makes you want to Disarm, eat Tofu, Save Endangered Species...