Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fruitful Weekend

Spent the better part of Sunday turning these:



Every year we get Navel oranges and Tangelos from our local FFA's fundraiser.  Much to my shame, last year the majority ended up as fuzzy green/ blue balls of squish.  So this year I was determined not to waste them.  The Tangelos turned into juice and I suprêmed the Navels for canning.  I'm not sure what I'll do with canned oranges, but now I have 3 years to figure something out.  I do know that most of the orange juice is headed for the freezer just as soon as I find my ice cube trays, I'm rather sick of oranges.  

Tomorrow I'll throw the remains to my neighbor's chickens, they'll enjoy the treat.


Old NFO said...

Nice idea, and that frozen juice will be a LOT cheaper and better than the store bought stuff... :-)

Chasing Freedom said...

Yep, felt good to get it done, too.