Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flying Out

I'm on my way to see my sister in Washington State!  I'll be taking advantage of their CCW reciprocity but all I have for plane travel is a rifle case. No use wasting that extra space so I packed some extra things along (they're going to charge me $25 either way, so why not?)

Yes, those are Legos in with an airweight.  We just divvied up our childhood collection and I'm taking her all the extra pieces (the actual sets will have to be shipped).

So tell me, what's the oddest thing you've packed with your checked firearm?


Old NFO said...

King Salmon and applewood chips.

Alan said...

My gun case is a large pelican case that happens to have room for all my clothes and anything else I don't want the TSA to steal. So I've had clothes (clean and dirty) food, snow globes, knives and art in my gun case.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Haven't flown since 9/24/2001, never took a Gun with me on the Flight, and I have no plans to EVER Fly again. If I have to spend Exorbitant Cash to go Long Distance and sit in a Chair that a Kindergarten School would reject as being too small, I'd rather take Greyhound.

Which is why I'm not going down to Houston for the 2013 NRA Con. But I do plan on going to Indianapolis in 2014.

Wanna Car Pool? Gas will probably be $6.00 a gallon by then.....

Chasing Freedom said...

NFO - I think you've got me beat. I did enjoy seeing the face of the United guy when he inspected the case - rather priceless.

Alan - I'll be doing the same with clothes on the way home. Makes for less hassle with carry-ons.

Les - Seems like I can't avoid flying cross country(CA 3 times in 2012, WA in 2013). Have to think about the car pool in 2014 to Ind.!

Old NFO said...

LOL, that's great CF!!!