Friday, April 6, 2012

Lessons Learned

Here's a couple things I've learned while my better-half is off becoming a Marine.

1.) There's no longer "my chores" and "his chores" - that dead chicken isn't going to scoop itself simply because he's not here to do it.

2.) The "honey-do" list has gotten a lot more reasonable since I've had to do the projects.  Definitely reins in what I think can be accomplished in a weekend.

3.) Cooking for one is impossible. 2 or 20? no problem!  But alone, I'm either eating leftovers all week or it's ramen again.

4.) There's a force-field actively protecting his side of the bed.

5.) I'm the hermit.  You'd need a pry-bar the length of Texas to get me out of the house without necessity or obligation and I hate going unfamiliar places.

6.) My ability to puzzle things out & muddle through projects has improved dramatically.  Amazing what a little unavailability does for my tenacity.  It might take me longer and not look near so pretty, but I'll be damned if I'm giving up on getting things done.

7.) I need to spend more time at the range alone.

8.)  My tolerance for strangers around the house / property has plunged to -0-.  *If* I answer the door, I'm armed and my favorite phrase is, "I'm not interested, I think you should leave now."

9.) This time apart would be much less tolerable without the dogs.  Coming home to 3 critters that are excited to see me & can't wait for a belly rub makes me feel a little less alone.

10.) Finally, and this is the most important lesson, we love each other.  There's no question, no doubt at all.  This process hasn't been easy, but it's refocused our marriage and made us realize how much we need each other.  All together, we'll be apart 9 months (less 10 days leave and 3 weekends).  While I wouldn't trade the experience, I couldn't imagine going through the rest of my life like this - I'd be no good without him.



Old NFO said...

Y'all (and you) are learning some hard lessons, but I think you are also learning a lot about yourself in the process. That you're willing to admit those things means YOU have grown in these 9 months. Now the issue is going to be making your other half 'understand' those things...

And yeah, cooking/eating for one sucks... Step away from the Chicken pot pies... :-)

Hang in there, he's almost done! And you know how to get hold of us if you need to!

Bubblehead Les. said...

Watch that "Hermit" trend! Trust me, being a Military Spouse is NOT easy, but locking yourself away isn't good for anybody. You got a lot of Gunnie and Horsie Friends up here on the North Coast, give us a call. We can throw a Get Together easily enough. Don't lock yourself away just because he's away.