Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Week In Review

I think it can be labeled a bad week when both sump pumps die. However, the week did improve from there. 

The major change-over we're doing at work is smoothing out so I'm not staying as late as I have been.  A lot of the planning and prepping I did before going to California seems to have paid off.  I can't get into much detail, but there's a lot of my time and ingenuity logged into this project, I'm relieved to see it implementing well.  In all, I'll be glad for the first week of June, just to see it completed! 

Spring projects / chores are starting to come together as well.  I managed to mow *most* of the lawn yesterday.  This was the first time it's been dry enough to brave where the pond was & other murky parts.  Some areas I'll have to attack with the weed-whacker simply because I'm not sure what's there.  Sounds kind of funny that I'm not sure what's in my own yard, huh?  Well, ya see, mowing is Heath's chore, he likes doing it & makes it look good and I'm rather ambivalent to beheading grass.  So with a wet fall / winter / spring, some of the soupier parts of the yard may have become more, um, wild, and while I know we have some unburied sections of dog fence & some rather fearsome rocks in the back corner of the yard, I couldn't say exactly where they are. So, I'll bring the weed whacker home tomorrow or Monday & go hunting for buried mower landmines.  Have I mentioned how much I want Heath home?

I did get one of "my" spring chores accomplished yesterday.  It took 3 hours, but all my front beds are weeded, tidy, and ready for mulch.  The beds on the back of the house still need attention, but my back and knees cried mutiny.  Also, there is no truth to the rumor that I used copious amounts of weed killer on the Canadian Thistles invading the south-side flower beds instead of dutifully hand-pulling each one (nasty, prickly bastards deserved every last drop! I regret nothing!).  Speaking of prickly things, my next project will have to be making trellises for the raspberries as they're threatening to take over the entire north flower bed.
Today was spent spiffing the house and I think I'll spend the majority of tomorrow baking.  A big batch of chocolate chip cookies always makes Monday seem more surmountable.

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Old NFO said...

OHHHHH Cookies... :-) And yeah, not worth dinging the mower blades, you're doing it the right way... And I HATE pulling weeds... I'll be VERY impressed if the project completes on time, that is better than 90% of projects completions...LOL