Saturday, July 23, 2011

Faust earned his bacon

Otherwise titled "coons arriving at room temperature."  Last night Faust, our German Shepherd, went from a peaceful, sleeping ball at my feet to a barking mass of enraged fur desperately trying to get out the back door.   Turns out we had 2 raccoons trying to annihilate our small flock of chickens.  The dogs "treed" them in the coop & I woke Heath to dispatch the rotten bastards.  Yep, I'm sexist* - as long as he's around - he gets to go explore in the dark and shoot any lurking critters.  So I'm pretty pleased with my pup (and Heath); with the distance to the coop & all the fans going in the house, there's no way I would have heard the chickens' distress.   Surprisingly, all 5 chickens survived the encounter and are happily clucking about the yard again.  Also worth noting - no johnny law.  You'd figure several shots of 9mm at o'dark-thirty would have rousted the interest of our neighbors, but nope *shrug*  Have to figure with A/C on and coming out of a dead sleep it'd be difficult for someone to echo-locate where shots were coming from & it would be easy to reason the sounds away in exchange for peaceful sleep.  Scary thought.  So I'll leave you with a picture of the proud pup - maybe he'll get the last bit of bacon in the fridge!

*Not really, but I'm sure someone out there will argue that I should have taken care of it myself instead of running to a man.


Bubblehead Les. said...

Good Puppy! Good thing Heath was home. I mean, there might have been a Spider out there! At least, that's what Carol keeps telling me when I have to investigate something. ; )

Chasing Freedom said...

Yeah, I'm glad he was home, too. Don't get me wrong - the raccoons would have been just as dead if I went out there, but I'd rather he took care of it.