Monday, July 4, 2011

New Wheels

After several months of shopping, I have my dream truck (squee!)  Say hello to my monster:

She's an '06 F350 diesel 4x4 with a full bed - and I love every inch of her.  Yes, that is an airbrushed picture of an aircraft carrier and fighter jets on the tailgate. 

We bought the truck on Thursday afternoon from a little dealer in Alvin, TX called Motor Trends.  I can't say they were the best dealership or that I'd recommend all my friends and family to go there, but they weren't sleaze balls.  We had initially contacted the original owner, but he'd just set up a trade with the dealership & hadn't had time to remove his ad *sigh*.  Unfortunately, once Motor Trends knew the deal in the bag, they made no further effort to really 'sell' us the truck, which I can kind of understand.  However, you'd think they would still clean the truck 100%!  We found crumbs & nasties in the 2nd row seating & soda / coffee stains on the ceiling.  Maybe it's petty, but I was disappointed with the experience.

Anyhow!  After leaving the dealer, we took a meandering drive across 10 states to arrive back home last night.  Thursday evening we had a nice visit with some of my family living in Texas.  On Friday, we had a wonderful lunch with AD & KatyBeth, where we were introduced to craw-fish and etouffee.  It was a fun to talk with KatyBeth & be drawn into her imagination, I wish that I had been as out going as a kid as she is. 

The rest of the trip we scooted through New Orleans (mental note, downtown N.O. during a jazz festival is a BAD idea), Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio.  All together, we put nearly 2,000 miles on the truck and we're so glad to be home.

So, what should I name my new set of wheels? 


Jay G said...


Very nice. VERY nice. I will refrain from commented that Heath's truck is now the *little* one...

Oh, wait, I guess I won't... ;)

Chasing Freedom said...

Your truck already has that title, Jay. I was thinking something a little more PG-13 or at least something I can say in front of my parents. I'm just drawing a blank right now and she so deserves a name.

Bubblehead Les. said...

With that Tailgate, there's only one Name it could be: Enterprise. Remember, ALL U.S. Navy Ships are a "She."

Chasing Freedom said...

Hrm... she is as big as a boat & nautically themed but all I can think of with "Enterprise" is Star Trek. Perhaps "The Nautilus"?

Jay G said...

Given the size, how about NIMITZ?

Chasing Freedom said...

*shamefully Googles NIMITZ* Dayum, that's one big ship! I like it - just have to see what the other half thinks. :-)

THOTpolice said...

Depending if that mural has a deck number.

Some people have land yachts

you have a landCARRIER!