Monday, July 4, 2011

Flying the friendly skies

Heath and I had to fly from Ohio to Texas this past Thursday.  We flew out of the Akron-Canton airport instead of Cleveland Hopkins and we will strongly prefer it in the future.  Surprisingly, the whole experience was fast, smooth and (relatively) non-invasive.  We arrived a scant hour before our flight and still managed to check our guns and get through security with time to spare.  The guns were a non-issue, we didn't even need to reopen the case for TSA.  All of the security personnel were polite and kept lines moving.  No porno-scanners!  Overall, there was an effort made by the employees to counter the TSA stereotype.

We snagged a decently priced, 1-stop flight through Delta; they were timely & uneventful flights with a short layover in Atlanta.  In the world of fees and cost cutting, they still serve free drinks on all flights (no peanuts).  I did have to claim the gun case from their baggage office once we arrived in Houston.  I'm not sure if that's a Delta thing or a flying-in-general thing, but I am glad they make sure it's the owner walking off with a case full of guns.  However, it still freaked me out a little when the carousel stopped & our case hadn't arrived.

As for why we flew one-way to Texas ..... momma's got a new set of wheels!

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